Friday, August 27, 2010

Next Destination - North Falmouth

Countdown = 308 Days To Go

Awoke early, 6:00 am, took the dogs to shore, packed up and headed out for our next stop, Brewers Fiddlers Cove, North Falmouth, MA.  Had a great travel day, waves of only a foot or so and very light wind.  We had purchased sandwiches at Dutch Harbor yesterday so that we could eat them today, while underway.  They were terrific!  We arrived around 1:00 pm and will be here for two days.  After washing the salt off the boat, we both sat down and enjoyed the view off the back deck.

Here is a picture of the marina

And another great sunset with a promise of a warm, sunny day tomorrow.


Countdown = 309 Days To Go

The weather report for today, August 26th is for SUN! We woke before dawn to the sound of rain falling on the cabin top and thought, Oh no, not another day of rain! But we waited a bit, the rain stopped, sun came out and we were able to get underway and leave the dock by 9:00 am.  As we were leaving the dock, a boat with an AGLCA burgee went by, Potest Fieri! We heard another boat call them on the radio and heard they were tavelling to Newport.  We were headed for Jamestown, so they were in sight for some time.  We had snacks for lunch and arrived at our destination, Dutch Harbor Boat Yard in Jamestown, RI around 1:30 pm.

The sunset was beautiful, but it was rather rocky, rolly all night and we didn't sleep very well.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still in Mystic

Countdown = 310 Days To Go

It's Wednesday, and we are still in our homeport, waiting out the weather. It isn't raining much anymore, only misting every now and then. The wind has died down quite a bit and things are looking good for leaving tomorrow. Mystic Seaport, a recreated seaport village, is just up the river from us so we spent some time there this afternoon viewing the new exhibits on tugboats and canal building.

As the skies clear

And the sun sets

There is hope that tomorrow will be a good travel day. After all, as the saying goes, Red skies at night, sailor's delight!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weather - More of The Same

Countdown - 311 Days To Go

The wind is still blowing, gusting to 20 mph at the marina and off and on drizzle, so we will wait yet another day before we head out. We took a car ride to Watch Hill, RI which dates back to the 19th century when it was a summer resort to the rich and famous where access was achievable only by water ferries. Today it is easily accessible by car or boat. It offers many quaint shops, restaurants and is home to the oldest and only continuously operating flying horse carousel.

The Ocean House was a post-Civil War resort destination for the rich. The 1916 silent movie "American Aristocracy" with Douglas Fairbanks was filmed at the Victorian hotel, known for its yellow facade and striking ocean views. But the 135-year old hotel, in need of extensive repairs and upgrades, was closed in 2003 and razed. Here is the new, rebuilt Ocean House that  just reopened June 2010. Total cost to reconstruct was over $140 million!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Summer Nor'Easter

Countdown - 312 Days to go

Vacation time has arrived on Sunday, and so had the bad weather!  Our plans were to leave on Sunday and head to Wickford for two nights, then on to Bristol, RI and then to Cuttyhunk, MA for two nights.  Unfortunately, the wind was blowing from the direction we wanted to go and it would not have made for a comfortable ride.  To make matters worse, it was predicted to continue, blow harder and rain for the next three days.  Although somewhat disappointed that we would not be heading out, we decided to stay in our home port and wait out the weather.  At least here we had the advantage of having our car available!!  Here we are, safe and snug in our slip as the wind is howling around us outside.  Will let you know when the weather has cleared and we can head out. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enjoying Our Time on the Water

Countdown is at 314 days to Looping!

The past few weeks work on boat projects has slowed slightly as we have been enjoying our boat, weather and time with friends.  Below are pictures of some of the friends we have shared good times with.

Ever since we first got this boat, the table on the fly bridge has been slanted toward the stern of the boat. Anything you placed on the table would slide toward the edge of the table!. We have solved the problem by putting a shim under the table hinge and raising the back edge of the table. Now we can enjoy food and drink and not chase the items around the table!

Earlier this year, we had replaced the chair at the inside steering station. We soon discovered that we needed to install foot rests, since when you were sitting in the chair, your feet would just dangle, they would not reach the rung on the chair. Voila, we now have foot rests!

Here is Bob installing the new hailer speaker. The VHF radio we installed earlier is connected to this speaker. The radio has a couple of interesting options, in foggy conditions, it can be used as a fog horn. It can be programmed to emit a fog signal a specifically timed intervals so other boats in the area will know you are there. It can also be used as an intercom between the person working on the foredeck and the captain at the helm. Pretty neat!!

Birthday celebration.  All three ladies have a birthday on consecutive days!

More time with friends

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mystic River - 334 Days To Go

August 1, 2010
Having your boat on the Mystic River is always an enjoyment. There is always a stream of boat traffic going up to and coming from the Mystic Seaport.  You never know what you'll see!

This weekend a wedding party arrived at our marina, complete with a bagpiper, and boarded a beautiful old sailboat, "dressed" for the occasion and then headed upriver to the Seaport for the wedding ceremony.  Then there was the beautiful blue sailing yacht, the 156 foot "Mitsea Ah".  You, too, can charter this boat and bring 10 of your closest friends and enjoy the hot tub on the foredeck!
 And every evening there is always a sunset to enjoy