Sunday, May 22, 2011

Installations Nearly Complete-40 Days And Counting

Bob has been busy the past couple of weeks finishing up the installations that are on our "Things to do before we leave" list,  Here is what's been completed:

We added an electric BBQ grill on the fly-bridge and for more storage, a shelf and storage drawers in the cabinet below the BBQ grill.  We can almost taste those steaks now!

A moveable sunshade.  Lynda's Mom & Dad had given us this sunscreen quite some time ago, that they had had made for their RV.  With minor modifications, we just added some grommets to the bottom to tie it down, we can use the screen on either side of the boat, or centered across the back.  This should make it cooler sitting outside.  Many thanks to Sterling Lady IV; Lynda follows their blog and they had mentioned the sunscreen they had made for their new boat. It reminded her we had this screen in our basement! 

 Here Bob is installing the anchor washdown connection in the anchor locker.  This will come in handy when we pull in the anchor and it is covered with mud and/or weeds.  We will easily be able to wash the mud and debris off the anchor, anchor chain and deck before the anchor is stowed away for the next use.  The anchor you see in this locker is our spare achor, we have two more stowed on the anchor roller on the bow.

We added a Sirius XM radio that can be used on both the AM/FM radio that is on the flybridge and on the Bose stereo that is in the main salon.  Now we will never be without our favorite tunes, news or even old time radio programs like the "Shadow"!

Below is some of the debris that is currently floating down the Connecticut River, due to all the rain that we have had recently.  We will need to keep a sharp lookout when our travels begin to make sure we don't collide with all the branches, logs and trees that are making their way out to Long Island Sound.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Big Reveal - Only 54 Days To Go!

Yes, there really is a boat under all that shrink wrap! The shrink wrap comes off and work begins at a hectic pace.  It's hard to believe that there is only 54 days before we head out on our great adventure!  Still a million things to do, I'm sure, somehow, they will all get done.  One major worry was what to do about our house.  That problem has been solved!  Our nephew Justin, and his girlfriend Megan, will be house-sitting for us while we are away.  Thank you Megan & Justin.