Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

What a busy weekend!   The boat still had it's winter grime, so Saturday morning, Lynda started cleaning the decks.  When we had purchased the boat, I had asked the dealer how they got the boats so clean and sparkling for the boat show.  They said they used Oxi-Clean.  This stuff is amazing!  It removes all the dirt and grime from the non-skid deck surface without leaving any residue.  While Lynda cleaned, Bob worked on installing an under-sink water filter.  Not a difficult project, but now we know we will have clean, safe drinking water on board.  After a busy, but successful day, we had dinner on board and enjoyed the sunset with a bottle of wine.

Earlier in the week we brought the dinghy, outboard and kayaks from home down to the boat, and hoisted the dinghy onto the davits and the kayaks up on the fly bridge.  On Sunday, after Lynda had finished waxing the sides of the cabin top, she helped Bob install the registration numbers on the new dinghy.  The registration numbers had to be glued onto the dinghy and the glue had to cure, so no maiden voyage dinghy ride today, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  This dinghy has a nice flat floor and a high bow.  The flat floor makes it easier to get into and out of the dinghy and the higher bow will keep us drier (we hope!).  After dinner, we were again treated to a beautiful sunset.
Monday morning was bright and sunny and more waxing!  Being that we started boating in a sailboat many years ago, Bob still likes to know what the wind speed is when it begins to blow.  He had previously installed a wind speed indicator, however, it was not in a spot where it got a clear breeze.  So he decided it had to be moved.  While Lynda finished up her waxing for the day, Bob started on the task of drilling a hole at the top of the radar mast.  Once that was done, the project became a two-man operation.  After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, we were able to snake the wire from the top of the radar mast and out the bottom.  Project completed in only a few hours, now it is time to enjoy the new dinghy.  We took both the dogs, Tucker and Willow, up the Mystic River for our maiden voyage and first dinghy ride of the season.
Here is Bob on his solo maiden voyage

After a busy, successful weekend, it's time to head home and back to work tomorrow.  Fortunately, it will be a short week due to this past long holiday weekend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Great To Be Back On The Water

Splash down!  We are back in the water for another boating season.  This season we will be working each weekend to install all the items we feel we NEED to make our coming year living on board safe and comfortable.   Besides working, we will try to squeeze in some time to also enjoy the water!!

This weekend it was installing quarterboards so we can be identifed not only from the stern, with our boat name on the transom, but also from the each side.  We also replaced the inside steering station helm seat.  The original seat required the helmsman to hold on with one hand to keep from tipping if the seas were a little rough, and it was not very comfortable if steering for an extended period of time.

Even though we spent time working, we did find time to go out and enjoy the day on the water.  Even Tucker seemed to enjoy his first cruise of the season.

So, two items completed, many more to go!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

AGLCA Rendezvous April 25-28, 2010

Arrived at the Barefoot Resort in N. Myrtle Beach, SC on Sunday, April 25th, by car.  It was warm and sunny.  Settled in the condo.  What a terrific view of the ICW and other loopers that had arrived by boat.  The weather was a bit windy and it rained for a short time one day, but the plus side was a rainbow appeared!  Bob and I attended as many seminars as we could and tried to soak up as much info as possible.  How fun it was to meet John & Barbara Benjamin (Golden Lily), Greg & Barbara Franklin (GonCruzin III) and Jim & Lisa Favors (Kismet).  I have been following their blogs and felt like I knew them before I met them!  Of course, it was a treat to meet all the other loopers too,  some of whom I sure we will meet again along the way.

On Wednesday evening, it was time to say good bye, with promises of meeting again.