Monday, October 01, 2012

Ending One Adventure and Starting Another

To think that a short 15 months ago we sailed off on the start of our Great Loop Adventure, traveled over 5,000 miles, meet many new friends and saw and experienced things we never dreamed we would see or do.  The last three months we have spent living on our boat in Mystic, CT and preparing for our next adventure.  We traveled to our home weekly and began the task of packing our belonging in preparation for our move to Florida.  Recently Bob has been busy winterizing the boat
and the marina has hauled her and stored her on the hard for the winter.  Below are some photos of the marina staff hard at work.
The marina must move the boat manually since the engine has been winterized

Underway with the marina workboat as the tow

Being lifted out of the water

Eeeeww, what a mess!

A little spray washing will take care of all that gunk

All clean and being placed on the trailer

Getting ready to be moved to our winter storage spot

High and dry and almost ready for winter.  We just need to shrink wrap and Erika Lin  will be all set for the winter weather.  
Meanwhile, the movers are expected to arrive at our home on October 15th and we will head off to our new home in sunny Cape Coral, Florida for the winter.  Our plans are to spend winters in Florida and return each spring to Mystic, CT to spend summers on the boat in New England.