Friday, June 07, 2013


When we returned to the boat from Florida, we had plans to travel for a month, beginning May 28th, up the Hudson River to Lake Champlain over the Canadian Border and then back to Connecticut.  As we all know, in boating you must be flexible and plans can and do change.
First, we had an issue with our dinghy.  Last year before going to Florida we received new tubes for our Walker Bay dinghy.  They had been replaced under warranty because the PVC was defective and had deteriorated.  Because we were moving to Florida in the fall, we didn't have the time to bring the dinghy hull to the repair shop for them to install the new tubes, so Bob and I decided we would do it ourselves in the spring.  That little job took us almost a week and put us behind schedule.  Okay, not a major problem, we decided to leave on Saturday, June 1st instead of May 28th.

Saturday morning arrived, the boat was provisioned the water tanks filled and we were getting ready to leave at 10 am.  Bob goes in the engine room to open the through hull for the engine and it wouldn't move!  A number of years ago, shortly after we bought the boat, there was a recall on all the through hull valves.  We received the replacement valves, under warranty, but because the valves were working, Bob decided not to replace them at that time.  Well, now is the time they decided not to work, so now is the time to replace them.  We need to have the boat hauled, but first must drive back to our house in Middletown, CT and get them from the basement and we couldn't do that until Tuesday.  So, since we couldn't leave on Saturday as planned, we decided to take a ride up the Mystic River in the newly repaired dinghy.

About a mile up the river, the outboard engine died and would not start/run again.  Fortunately, our friends Jack and Carole on Irish Rover came by and towed us back to our dock! Bob tried and tried, along with help and advise from others on the dock, and the engine would not stay running.  So on Monday, the 3rd, we  brought the outboard to the repair shop.  They thought we might have it back by the weekend.
Hmmm, no outboard!

The new through hull valve for the engine
We made the trip by car to Middletown, got the replacement valve and on Wednesday, the 5th, the boat was hauled and the valve replaced within 1 1/2 hours.  Then as Bob was bringing Erika Lin back to her slip, he discovered the stern thruster wasn't working.  After investigating this problem, he found that the terminals on the battery for the thruster were corroded and needed to be cleaned.  Fortunately, that was a quick and easy fix!
Bob repairing the stern thruster

Currently we are waiting on the return of the repaired outboard engine, and with Tropical Storm Andrea on her way, we have decided not to make the trip up the Hudson and Lake Champlain this year.  Too many things are telling us not to go!!!  Maybe next year.  For this year, we will probably cruise Narraganset Bay, maybe the Vineyard, Block Island and the Shelter Island area..

So, there you have it, our sad tale of woe!! But we are both healthy and enjoying our time on the boat and looking forward to cruising waters we have cruised for many years and visiting familiar places this summer.

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  1. Oh maaaaan! Pam and I were looking forward to your trip to upstate NY. Well, at least you're in a prime cruising area, and your problems are most likely all minor. Enjoy your summer on the Sound.